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Last Updated 22nd April 2022

With work on-site continuing to progress, Canopy is beginning to blossom with the delivery of its residential stages and associated amenities.

The information below forms a quick reference guide for some of the frequently asked questions about established and upcoming amenities at Canopy.

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Canopy grove tree reserve
current status: complete
The Canopy Grove Tree Reserve showcases a stunning collection of iconic established trees. Located between Klass Road and Sparrow Street, this reserve provides stunning natural beauty and a timeless backdrop for those lucky residents.
McGavin Tree Reserve
current status: Completed
Envisage starting each day breathing in the majestic views of established native trees. For those neighbouring the McGavin Tree Reserve, such is life. Another green haven, connecting residents with nature to promote fulfilling lifestyles centred on wellness.
Boulevard Tree Reserve
current status: complete
Signalling the northern entrance to our community, the established eucalypt gum trees are poised to welcome you to the Canopy community. Snead Boulevard has been carved out around these trees so everyone can enjoy the welcoming elegance and protective farewell of their branches in the wind.
Amstel Park
current status: To commence late 2022
Protectively nestled beneath the signature Canopy trees, the Amstel Park provides a sanctuary for quiet reflection and connection with nature amid busy lives. With break out green spaces, meandering pathways and benches scattered throughout, this park is a haven for nature lovers and serenity seekers alike.
Emerald Tree Reserve
current status: Tenders awarded, works to commence August 2022
Explore the Emerald Tree Reserve, a peaceful place protecting the area’s flora and fauna and providing superb connection with interwoven paths to the wider community. Located between Hinneberg and Copley Streets, the creation of this picturesque reserve through the retention of large established trees has created unique and beautiful streetscapes. Shared driveways wind through the Emerald Tree reserve amid the signature Canopy trees, beauty which sets the Canopy Community apart.
Woodland Reserve
current status: complete
This linear reserve extends from Snead Boulevard to Cupit Street and showcases the innovative and distinctive features of the Canopy community. The Woodland Reserve, features shared driveways creating enviable privacy for those neighbouring residents. With shared paths winding throughout, everyone is able to enjoy this exquisite place created to nurture and cherish the protected signature trees of the area.
Canopy Park
current status: Works commencing April 2022
Canopy Park is the main and central park of your community. Measuring 1.46 hectares, it includes extensive play equipment, catering for youngsters and older children, sheltered picnic areas with BBQs and a dedicated youth play space including basketball courts and skate park elements, all framed by a group of magnificent Canopy trees. Breathe in an abundance of wide-open space and embrace the many benefits of living among plentiful green spaces, perfect for active lifestyles and growing families.
Ryder Tree Reserve
current status: To commence late 2022
Located between Amstel Park and the McGavin Tree Reserve, the Ryder Tree Reserve has been created to provide a space for residents to enjoy nestled between the Canopy trees. Shared bike and pedestrian paths run throughout to further connect the community to the wider network and local amenity. The shared paths throughout the community not only create an enviable sense of connectivity and community-belonging for the many families who call Canopy home, but also help to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for all residents.
The Green Link Reserve
current status: complete
Exactly as the name suggests, the Green Link Reserve is a green space connecting our residents to more green space. Stroll through the Canopy Grove Tree Reserve all the way down to the Woodland Tree Reserve and be thankful for this opportunity to surround yourself with nature minutes from home.
Piccolo Tree Reserve
current status: complete
Centred around a beautiful River Red Gum Tree which has been carefully preserved between Sparrow Street and Cupit Street, the Piccolo Tree Reserve provides unlimited reasons to enjoy time spent outside. Although one of the smaller reserves, it does not lack in beauty.
Entry Wetlands
current status: Completed
The Entry Wetlands will create a spectacular first impression, entrance to the community and set the scene of life at Canopy as one connected to nature. The selected flora to be planted will not only provide habitat for local birds and animals but also enhance the visual uniqueness of the area. These plant species are integral to the process of cleaning water runoff and even today many birds can be seen in and around the water’s edge. Shared paths will run along either side of the wetland, providing local residents with access through the parklands and connections to the broader Canopy network and open spaces. This will be a lovely place to take a minute for yourself and look out over the serene wetlands to enjoy the calming effects living close to water provides.
Northern Wetlands
current status: Currently undergoing the tender process
The Northern Wetlands will connect pedestrians to the Entry Wetlands and Melbourne Water’s existing catchment to the southeast of the Canopy Community. Amenities in this open space area will include a viewing deck onto the waterway as well as seating and picnic areas along the footpath. The footpath connection along the waterway will allow residents to access the lushly planted waterway area and tree reserve to the east, which boasts a grove of large, existing trees. The wetlands will provide an important link for local residents through the community’s parklands and connections to the broader neighbourhood. A special space to stroll through and embrace the natural beauty of the local area.